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July 27, 2023
Mobile Scissor Lift Trailer

Mobile service is a great way for car dealers to increase sales, grow profits, and improve customer satisfaction. And all these are possible without investing in additional property or facility improvements.

And with COVID increasing customer desire for at-home services, customers are seeking personal concierge services such as at-home repairs. So, build the right mobile service program today to get ahead of your competition.

A Changing Market

It is becoming more difficult to offer good quality speed of service in today’s market. There is more customer demand for repairs than there are service bays. Making it difficult to schedule customers for repairs quickly. And this lack of vehicle service bays is dangerous to short-term sales and long-term customer retention.

Why Mobile Service?

Mobile service is a fast easy way to expand capacity, increase revenue and profits AND offer a concierge service. And if done right, your biggest challenge will be keeping up with demand.

And with demand outpacing dealer service capacity, few solutions offer high volume service options like Mobile service. And building the right service management process and service offerings can provide a better customer experience and higher profits. Some of these benefits include:

  • Rapid startup – You can have a mobile service trailer built and delivered to your store in just a few weeks. This is much faster than building new service lanes.
  • Improved Service – Customers want at-home delivery of product and services. And you can be one of the first companies to provide at-home automotive repairs.
  • Fleet Business – You can capture large fleet customers by sending your technicians to their site to work on their vehicles.
  • Additional Revenue – Customers will pay a fee for additional services. So you can increase your dollars per RO by adding a service fee to mobile service.
  • Customer Wait Time: A mobile service operation with the right POS system can improve speed of service and profits.

Keep up with Your Competitors

Mobile service is the future of automotive repair. If it weren’t Tesla would not be investing heavily in a mobile service strategy.

And Tesla is not the only company pursuing a Mobile Service strategy. Safelite repairs windshields at customer homes. Remote tire installation is growing rapidly as is mobile maintenance.

And dealers are also participating in Mobile Service. Mercedes is leading the luxury market and Ford is leading mass market brands. Both are pushing dealers to participate in Mobile Service.

Growing Your Service Capacity

Mobile lifts are a cost-effective way to grow your service capacity. It also matches the expanding interest customers have for increased convenience and at-home services. 

Mobile trailer lifts can also offer nearly limitless service capacity. If you are like most dealerships, your service department is full. And you are scheduling customer appointments days or even weeks in the future. And expanding your service capacity means the headaches of adding a shift or the cost of adding service lanes go away.

Unfortunately, if you are not adding service capacity, you are leaving money on the table and losing long-term customers. So, starting a mobile service business can be a great solution for your short and long-term success.

The best part? You won’t be the first dealership to start a mobile service program. There are already dozens of dealerships across multiple brands who have built successful mobile service programs. And AutoUtility has the equipment and knowledge to help you build the right program for your market.

Why AutoUtility?

AutoUtility has the right equipment and program to build your dealer success. We know the mobile repair business and have the programs and mobile mechanic trailers to keep you on the right path.

And our car dealer focus means you will have the right program for you and your customers. Our program begins with the right equipment to run your mobile repair business. Plus, we add the services and business models you need to get the most out of your mobile service unit.

For starters our programs centers on our mobile service trailers. The efficiency and flexibility of our mobile service trailers is unmatched by most van setups.

  • Lay Flat Model: The Lay Flat Trailer hoist is compact, efficient and high quality. And the portable car hoist makes it great for service brake jobs and other high-volume repairs.
  • Low Profile Model: The low-profile trailer is great for suburban neighborhoods, shopping malls and fleet customers. And with a 64″ lift height, the Low Profile Trailer provides access to most repairs. And with a 7,000 lbs. portable auto lift, you can repair most vehicles.
  • Enclosed Trailers: Enclosed trailers feature mobile car lifts making them great for all-year service in bad weather. And these trailers offer unique branding opportunities.
  • Truck and Van Conversions: Trucks and vans can operate as an independent mobile service unit or as a rolling Parts Department. We can configure to your needs for heavy and light vehicle service and repair.

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