About Us

Complete Mobile Auto Repair

AutoUtility doesn’t just provide automotive tools. We know that a successful mobile automotive repair business is about more than just equipment. So, your mobile service trailer purchase comes with the related services necessary to make your dealership successful.

Mobile service equipment is a big investment. And small things can make a difference between high profits and poor performance. That’s why you get more than just outstanding equipment when you buy a Mobile Service Trailer Lift from AutoUtility.

When you purchase your mobile lift, you will receive the dealer consulting services necessary to run a successful mobile service operation. And our program balances revenue, profit, and customer satisfaction. So call today and ask us about our equipment and program.

Fully Extended Mobile Service Lift Platform
Enclosed Mobile Service Trailer and Tow Vehicle for Big Jobs in Harsh Climates

AutoUtility History

Our founders have built multiple automaker and dealer programs that have generated over $2B in sales. As we worked with automakers we found no one offering the right program for car dealers. AutoUtility was recently formed to provide the right package of automotive equipment and services.

Mobile Service is a much different business than a standard service drive. So, we built a program with the training, planning, and support you need to create a profitable mobile service business.

Our Approach

Full Service for total Success

AutoUtillity provides mobile lift trailers and everything you need for success. Our program offers high quality equipment at a great price and quality services to build profits. Including:

  • A mobile service trailer with a scissor lift.
  • Business planning services to maximize revenue.
  • A limited one-year warranty for peace of mind
  • The consulting to grow your business.
Mobile Service Trailers

Our mobile service trailers offer high quality and utility at an economical price. An AutoUtility trailer comes fully equipped with a compressor, generator, and a high-quality scissor lift. And our units can cost as little as 2/3 of the price of a mobile service van setup. Plus you can complete a full Multi Point Inspection for great customer service.

Business Planning

The right business plan is the key to sales, profit, and customer satisfaction. We will work with your team to understand your market and develop a customized auto repair shop business plan. And we don't stop with operations planning — you will also receive marketing plans, social media plans, and financial planning advice.

Consulting Services

We partner with 3NG Consulting to provide automotive consulting services. This includes educational programs and operating guidance to help you build the right programs for your dealership. And we can provide executive summary reporting, so you always know how your business is performing.

Quality Throughout

AutoUtility trailers are built with quality throughout. All our trailers include top quality BendPak lifts and custom platforms hand-fabricated in the United States. And we stand behind our trailers with a one-year equipment warranty.

Best Business Models

Unlike a brick and mortar service drive.  An AutoUtility trailer offers many ways to build a profitable buisness operation.  Some of the models we suggest are.

Customer Location

We offer the tools to build a routing plan so you can go to your customer locations. The goal of a routed repair process is to make sure you minimize drive time and maximize repair time. Our team has the tools and support to make this possible.

Remote Location

One of the best ways to make money with a Mobile Lift Unit is to bring the customers to you. This can be done by traveling to fleet locations, setting up in a shopping mall or partnering with a local business.

Custom Services

An AutoUtility trailer can be configured according to your market needs. So, we can set up for tire replacements with tire changers and wheel balancers. Service repairs or servicing electric vehicles. So you can provide the services your customers demand

Are You Ready for Mobile Service?

Are you looking for Mobile Service Equipment? Or do you have mobile service capabilities and need help improving profitability. AutoUtility can help. Call us today to find out more.