Fully Enclosed Trailer

Ideal for Harsh Climates and Luxury Dealers

The Fully Enclosed Trailer offers protection from the elements and a premium look for luxury brands. Making, this the ideal mobile auto repair option for harsh climates and dealers who want to project a luxury image.

The fully enclosed unit is a complete service drive on wheels. The trailer comes equipped with a scissor lift, air compressor, generator and oil fill tanks. So, you can take your service drive on the road. And the large side panels can be wrapped to show off the dealer brand to your target market.

The ultimate mobile concept for mobile lifting

Versatile Mobile Mechanic Trailer Setup

Mobile home lift

Mobile Lift

Features a hydraulic scissor lift with a 7,000 lbs. lift capacity

Mobile lifter equipment to power your business

Mobile Service Drive

Compressor, power, and tool storage supports most repairs.

Enclosed scissor lift trailer for cars and trucks

Fully Equipped

Storage for tools, parts, and chemicals for most jobs.

Why Buy AutoUtility?

Everything for your mobile auto repair service

Moving from brick and mortar to a mobile service business takes more than just equipment. It takes a full mobile repair business plan. That’s why AutoUtility offers the entire package so you can profitably offer a top-quality customer experience.

Mobile Car Lifts

The fully enclosed trailer is a premium scissor lift trailer. With a 64" lift height and a 11.5" interior height, this unit can lift most cars and light trucks.

Premium Image

The AutoUtiity Fully Enclosed Trailer offers a premium image and branding opportunity. With large side panels, your unit -- when wrapped -- becomes a mobile billboard. This platform also protects technicians from bad weather and gives a professional and tidy appearance to your customers.

Custom Business Plans

We help you build the right business plan for your local market. Our team will work with you and your team to design a plan around your dealership's specific goals. And, we will help build a program to increase revenue, profit, and customer satisfaction.

World Class Support

Vehicle uptime and efficiency are key to a profitable mobile service business. That is why, when you purchase an AutoUtility trailer, you're not just getting the equipment. You're also getting the support that can help make your business successful. From a 1-year limited warranty to business consulting, you will have everything you need to make your business work for you.

Fully Enclosed Trailer Features

Top Quality Scissor Lift

With a high quality BendPak scissor lift, your fully enclosed trailer will last for years. And with a 7,000 lbs. lift capacity, you will be able to service most of your customer fleet. Plus the high roof allows you to lift most vehicles to full height.

Enclosed Mobile Trailer Lift
Self Contained Mobile Service Platform

Classy and Complete

The Fully Enclosed Trailer is a fully capable unit with a premium appearance. These trailers can be branded in the same way as a mobile service van. They also offer all the automotive tool space to outfit for nearly any repair. So, this unit can be used for everything from routine service to transmission replacements and more.

Premium Service

Mobile repairs are a premium value service. The Fully Enclosed trailer adds to this premium with a protected service area and a quality appearance. This is a great unit for luxury dealerships looking to differentiate their mobile service offering from their competitors.

Mobile home lift
Mobile truck and van conversions

Customer Satisfaction​

AutoUtility provides the product and consulting services to help provide satisfied customers. It is no secret that car owners like high service levels.

A good mobile service operation can help you exceed your customer’s expectations. And, you can further improve your customer satisfaction with the proper dispatch, marketing, and op codes.

Are You Ready for Mobile Service?

Are you looking for Mobile Service Equipment? Or do you have mobile service capabilities and need help improving profitability. AutoUtility can help. Call us today to find out more.