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Best Business Models

Unlike a brick and mortar service drive.  An AutoUtility trailer offers many ways to build a profitable buisness operation.  Some of the models we suggest are.

Customer Location

We offer the tools to build a routing plan so you can go to your customer locations. The goal of a routed repair process is to make sure you minimize drive time and maximize repair time. Our team has the tools and support to make this possible.

Remote Location

One of the best ways to make money with a Mobile Lift Unit is to bring the customers to you. This can be done by traveling to fleet locations, setting up in a shopping mall or partnering with a local business.

Custom Services

An AutoUtility trailer can be configured according to your market needs. So, we can set up for tire replacements with tire changers and wheel balancers. Service repairs or servicing electric vehicles. So you can provide the services your customers demand