Mobile Car Lifts

Grow Profit and Sales

AutoUtililty mobile trailer lifts set the industry gold standard for quality and reliability. We offer best in class trailers with top quality automotive scissor lifts. And our consulting services can help you earn the most profit. 

Our trailers feature best in class automotive scissor lifts for more uptime than a mobile service van. And our portable car hoists give you more access to more jobs. And since our units come with everything you need, it’s a complete service drive on wheels.

Mobile Service Trailer Lift

Trailer Hoist Benefits

Full Scissor Lift

Our units are the ultimate mechanic car lift solution. With hydraulic power hoists with varying lift heights, an AutoUtility trailer is available for your mobile service needs.

Complete Units

AutoUtility trailers are a complete service drive on wheels. With a full hydraulic scissor hoist, onboard power and air compressor, an AutoUtility lift is a complete service drive on wheels.

Easy to Transport

All our hoists can be towed by a half-ton pickup. And many can be pulled by a mid-sized truck or van.

Why AutoUtility?

Complete Mobile Automotive Repair Solution

AutoUtility doesn’t just sell equipment. We offer the intangibles that make your mobile service drive work.

From digital marketing to sales guides and best practices, we offer a full suite of products and services to customize your mobile service operation to capture, satisfy and retain mobile service customers.

Low Purchase Cost

A mobile mechanic trailer setup can cost as much as 40% less than a Mobile Service Van. And the onboard mobile scissor lift allows you to quickly perform most jobs, including Multi-Point Inspections.

Access to Most Repairs

AutoUtility Trailers lift the vehicle for full access. So, you can service high demand repairs such as brake services, tire rotations and oil changes.

Maximize Your Uptime

Spend time fixing customer vehicle, not your Mobile Service Van. AutoUtility trailers are heavy duty for a high uptime, so your portable car lift is making money instead of sitting in the shop.

Long operating life

Vans are expensive and need to be replaced periodically. Mobile Trailer Lifts can last for years even in harsh conditions.

Business Consulting

Every AutoUtility mobile service lift comes with the consulting services necessary to make your program a success. A profitable mobile service operation takes effort, skill, and experience. AutoUtility consulting services help your team build a high service, high profit program.

Cost Management

AutoUtility helps you balance cost and revenue. So, you can maximize the profit for your mobile mechanical trailer business.

Market Planning

Reaching the right customers is as important as cost modeling. AutoUtility helps provide a business plan to capture mobile repair business customers.

Service Planning

Building the right mobile service job list helps increase profits, repair order volume, and customers served.

Mobile Mechanical Trailer Units

Lay Flat Trailer Lift

  • The AutoUtility Lay Flat Trailer lift is strong, durable, compact, and affordable. This unit is great for mobile service and high-volume repairs. The low-rise unit is optimal for tire rotations, brake jobs, and basic maintenance.

Our most compact unit is perfectly suited for maintenance and light repair and offers particular value for:

  • Use in suburban, urban, and densely populated areas.
  • Easily performing the highest volume jobs – tire work, oil changes and brake repairs.
  • This mid-rise unit can be pulled by many vans and compact pickup trucks.
Low Rise Mobile Service Scissor Lift
Fully Extended Mobile Service Lift Platform

Low Profile Mobile Trailer

Our most flexible unit, the full-rise scissor trailer lift supports most service and repair jobs. The high-rise lift works for just about any repair including complex jobs. So, the Low-Profile Mobile Unit is the right system for a complete mobile service and repair operation.

Lightweight and versatile, the AutoUtility Low Profile Trailer offers great versatility:

  • Perfect for a full-service mobile repair and maintenance operation.
  • Suburban and rural markets.
  • Can be towed by any full-size pickup truck and many vans and compact trucks.

Fully Enclosed Mobile Lift

The Fully Enclosed Mobile Lift trailer offers a private and climate controlled workspace. So, your mobile repair service can function in extreme heat, extreme cold, and anywhere in between.

Sturdy, private and attractive, the Fully Enclosed Mobile trailer lift offers great benefits including:

  • A full-rise scissor lift supporting just about any type of repair.
  • Climate control allowing for continued work in harsh conditions.
  • Can be towed by most half-ton pickup trucks.
Enclosed Mobile Service Trailer and Tow Vehicle for Big Jobs in Harsh Climates

Are You Ready for Mobile Service?

Are you looking for Mobile Service Equipment? Or do you have mobile service capabilities and need help improving profitability. AutoUtility can help. Call us today to find out more.