Trucks and Vans

Ideal as a Tow Vehicle or a Mobile Service Vehicle

AutoUtility supplies pickup trucks and vans configured for your mobile service needs.

We understand that each shop and market experiences unique circumstances and needs.  That’s why we offer many options.  From trucks and vans as tow vehicles/ mobile parts departments to trucks and vans as mobile service utility vehicles.

Mobile truck and van conversions

Full-Line Versatility

Mobile Service and Tow Vehicle

Mobile Lift Tow Vehicles

AutoUtility will take your van or tuck and convert it into a mobile parts, tool, or equipment department and tow vehicle. 

Mobile Service Truck Conversions

Mobile Service Trucks

AutoUtility will take your truck and convert it for your specific mobile service needs

Truck and Van Conversions for Mobile Service Work

Mobile Service Vans

AutoUtility will take your van and convert it into a fully-equipped mobile service platform.

Why Buy AutoUtility?

A Complete Mobile Business

Autoutility doesn’t just sell equipment.  We provide a complete automotive repair business. You get business plans, dispatch strategies, and repair service recommendations. So, with our help, you will have everything you need to start your mobile mechanic business.

Full Line Solution

AutoUtility has the trailer, lift, tow vehicle, or conversion vehicle you need to build a successful mobile service business. We know that one solution does not fit all. So we provide you the options and support you need to be successful.

Quality and Reliability

All AutoUtility equipment features sturdy construction and the highest quality components. So, your mobile automotive repair business can serve you AND your customers for many years.

Business Planning

Every AutoUtility unit comes with the features you need to build a profitable mobile service business. And our top-tier business consulting solution will help you sustain and grow your offerings.

World Class Support

A mobile mechanic auto repair business must be efficient to be profitable. So, when you purchase an AutoUtility trailer or vehicle, you are not just getting equipment. You're getting the support needed to keep your business profitable.

Truck and Van Vehicle Applications


No one wants to service a customer’s vehicle from a competitor’s truck or van.  No one wants to crawl on the ground when servicing vehicles.  

We recommend you tow our mobile lift trailers with a dealership truck or a converted truck or van from AutoUtility.  We can also set up your tow truck or van as a Mobile Parts Department.

Mobile truck and van conversions
Truck and Van Conversions for Mobile Service Work


AutUtility converts trucks and vans as mobile service platforms.  Some customers reside in tight, urban areas where a mobile trailer is impractical.  In these cases, we can set up a truck or van as a mobile service vehicle.

AutoUtility equips mobile auto service vans and trucks based on your needs and specifications.  We add all the features required to service your customers.  Toolboxes, oil dispensers and receivers, compressors, generators, jacks, jack stands, etc.

Let us convert a mobile service van or truck so it meets your requirements and addresses the needs of your customers.  And if you’re not sure what equipment you need, we can help with that, too. 

Customer Satisfaction​

AutoUtility provides the product and consulting services to help obtain satisfied customers. It is no secret that car owners like high service levels. And a good mobile service operation can help you exceed your customer’s expectations. You can further improve your customer satisfaction with the proper dispatch, marketing and routing plan.

Are You Ready for Mobile Service?

Are you looking for Mobile Service Equipment? Or do you have mobile service capabilities and need help improving profitability. AutoUtility can help. Call us today to find out more.