Dealer Mobile Service Is Profitable not Scary

August 3, 2023
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Mobile service is a great way to grow profits, satisfy customers, and develop technicians and advisors. Dealers are always looking for ways to grow their business, retain their customers and staff, and advertise their brand. However, lack of time, expertise, or support can lead to missed opportunities.

Mobile service is a great example. Uncertainties over what it takes to be successful is an important dealer consideration.  When the answer to these questions are not immediately available, many reject the idea without further thought.

Meanwhile, competitors find ways to make mobile service work for them. We see this with national tire chains, national repair services, and their local and regional counterparts. And dealer who are not participating are losing out on a fresh profit source.

Dealer Objections to Mobile Service

Dealer Mobile Service Objections

Dealer perceptions of mobile service are largely negative.  But these views are often misplaced.

Figuring out how to develop and implement a successful mobile service program is challenging.  Mobile service is not the service drive.  It presents unique challenges and requires innovative solutions. But it promises opportunity, too.

Dealers understand the appeal.  The benefits are easy to see and comprehend.  But the objections are also clear.  And these doubts often shape dealer perceptions of mobile service.   

Here are 4 key objections and their responses:

1. Finding the "Right" Technician is Too Difficult and Costly

Successful mobile service programs do not require Master Certified Technicians. Instead, dealers should be looking at their entry-level technicians, especially those with people skills.

Most entry-level technicians are:

  • High School Graduates or Equivalent
  • Vocationally Trained
  • Certified
  • Licensed

In addition, many also have industry experience.  And, if they’re working at a dealership, have some factory training, too.  

This background makes them suitable for mobile service consideration.  And many would consider such a role because of:  

  1. A willingness to get out of the shop and diversify their day.
  2. A belief that superior service could result in tips.
  3. An understanding that such experience will make them more valuable employees.

At the same time, dealers should carefully consider this solution, provided the persons can be trusted to:

  1. Represent the shop.
  2. Work safety and productively.
  3. Be able to do the work required.

2. There's not Enough Money in Mobile Service

The secret to mobile service financial success is balance. Dealers cannot focus on oil changes or engine rebuilds; instead, they have to find a balance between complication and time. They have to find a mix of jobs requiring moderate complexity and minimal time. 

Diagnostics, routine inspections, repair and maintenance work account for most recommended mobile service ROs.  And entry-levels techs are well suited for this work, which includes:

  • Brakes
  • Undercar
  • Suspension
  • Heating, AC, and Fuel Systems      

3. Limited Vehicle Access Makes Most Jobs Inefficient

Mobile lift trailers are the best, most versatile way to service vehicles remotely.

Having the right mix of equipment is key to mobile service success.  In many, if not most cases, mobile service providers are using only one solution.  And it is often the wrong one. 

Converted vans are expensive and lack utility. Yet they are used by almost all mobile service programs.  Crawling around on the ground is not the most professional or productive work environment. This limitation creates inefficiencies and makes some jobs and inspections challenging, if not impossible.

And, not every automaker makes a van.  So many dealers considering a mobile service solution are rightfully wondering how to service vehicles they can’t access using a competitor vehicle.

This makes mobile lift trailers a great alternative.  These self-contained platforms serve as both a parts department and a work space. They are also able to lift a vehicle for easy access. Thus they provide technician satisfaction and efficiency while displaying the professionalism dealer customers expect.  

4. There isn't Enough Demand

Dealers need to be strategic in how they market and deploy their mobile service programs.

Most dealers understand their customers’ reluctance to spend two or more hours getting their oil changed.  But many of these same dealers don’t understand the appeal of mobile convenience. Indeed many dealers argue there is no demand for mobile service in their market or amongst their customers.

This may or may not be true for customers who are still visiting the dealership.  But what about the 76% of all customers nationally who have moved on?

The reality is that there is a large, untapped market for mobile service customers.  The trick is to start small and build the business.  And we can show you how.

AutoUtility Mobile Lift Trailers

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